How to rank Your website on top?

Great Service

First thing you'll need to provide a great service to your clients. When your facility is top-notch, you'll have a solid returning customer base, which will reduce your overall marketing cost.

Targeting Right Keywords

Keywords are the vital elements that will ultimately drive all of your SEO campaigns. Have a clear idea of what do you want to achieve? What is your goal? What do your customers want from you?

Optimized Landing Page

A website, GMB page or Landing page is simply a webpage where your traffic will land. If your landing page is well optimized, user-friendly, your visitors are more likely to convert!

Off Page Optimization

Link building is still one of the most crucial ranking factors for Google, and it'll always be. Make relations with people that have the same interest and acquire quality backlinks as well as referral traffic.

Get Awesome Reviews

Reviews not only increase the conversion rate, it helps Google to understand the authority and trust flow of your website.

Overtake Competition

Find out what your competitors are doing, how they ranked ahead of you. Reverse engineer them!

Our Affordable Local SEO Pricing Packages

We understand how every business is different and has different budget, Please feel free to request a customized quote for you.


$299 (One -Time Package)
  • GOAL: Setting Up Your Foundation
  • Premium Audit
  • Keyword Planning & Competition Analysis
  • Website Setup (Basic)
  • Website Optimization for SEO & CTR
  • Google Search Console & Analytics Setup
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Bing Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp Setup
  • 10 Additional Citation Building
  • Social Media Setup
  • 24/7 support via Email
  • Weekly Reporting


$549 / month
  • GOAL: Generating More Leads and Higher Ranking
  • Everything on Startup &..
  • 1 Dedicated SEO Expert
  • Backlinks
  • Adding Content
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Copywriting (3 pages)
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Bing Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp Optimization
  • 30 Additional Citation Building
  • 20 Graphics & Visuals
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Schema Markup
  • 24/7 Support via Email/Live Chat/ Phone

Business Plus+

$949 / month
  • GOAL: Overtake Top Competitors and Setup Lead Generation Process
  • Everything on Business &..
  • 1 Dedicated SEO Manager
  • Link Building & Optimization
  • Google Search Console & Analytics Report
  • Continuous Citation Building
  • Automated Chat bot for Facebook & Website
  • 3 Unique Animated Video
  • 30 Graphics & Visuals
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Geo-Targeted Page Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Site Structure
  • Weekly Reporting
  • 24/7 Support + Video Consultation

Get in Touch!

We understand how every business has different needs and goals. You can choose either of our 3 packages above or Request a FREE Quote!

We’ll analyze and do an in-depth site audit for your site and provide you a more suitable plan.

If you got any Questions about pricing, Please feel free to reach out. 

How Are You Loosing Now?

Leaving Opportunities Behind

Without an SEO campaign in place nowadays, you are just leaving money on the table for your competitors. 49% of google searches are for local products and services.

Decreasing Brand Value

When your customers search and never see your name on the SERP. Instead, they keep seeing your competitors website popping up. Who do you think has more brand value in your customer’s perspective?

Spend Endless Money on Ads

Paid Ads are not bad. But when you don’t have a plan for getting leads organically, you end up relying on paid ads. Your cost goes upwards, as your business grows the ad cost piles up, and when you decide to cut off the ads suddenly, what do you think will happen?

Can't Cope with the Competition

Word of mouth marketing and other digital marketing practices like Yelp, Social Media play a significant role. But you can never compete with the one who holds the first or second position in the organic results. Find out how much traffic your competition gets each month.

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Remember when advertising was all about publishing an ad on a corner in the yellow pages or newspapers? Well, those days are gone. From cornflakes to how to make a rocket, everything is searched on the Internet now. 

And if you’re not using the power of the internet and hoping to cope up with this current world, well, you’re just Hoping. 

We make sure digital marketing or increasing your visibility, presence on the internet not become a burden on your shoulder. Instead we make the internet works for you. When our campaigns are over and you’ll start seeing the result, you’ll find leads are coming in when you’re asleep as well. 

Emphasizing on "Near Me" Searches

Google are getting smarter day by day and so are the searchers. People don’t want services that re far too away from them.

This is why searchers use modifiers like “service+near me” or “service + city name” to find out most relevant results for their intent.

This means when we’re doing local seo for small businesses, we have to emphasize on making the business look as local as we can in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. We make sure the algorithm understands what your services are all about, where exactly are you located in and what search intent do you meet.

What happens when the campaigns end?

After our campaigns end successfully with you, you can target new keywords and cities or add new services, or you can take a break and enjoy the result!

When you decide to stop the campaign for a while, we don’t leave our clients entirely. You are still getting our weekly newsletters containing tips and strategies on how to keep up the ranking. Because If we don’t guide you along the way, you might lose your position, which can be heartbreaking.

If you need personalized consultation, You can book a 20-minute free meeting with us every month and talk about your company in particular. 

You can request a general audit as well. And we’d be happy to provide you with any other assistance you need along the way.

We aim to be your progress partner rather than a consultant who only does what he has to.

How Can We Help You to Get More Customers?

When a website is in the first 3 positions in the SERP, They will get the most traffic or leads to their website. Imagine you’re targeting a keyword with a 500 per month search volume, and you’re in the first position. It’s more likely that you’ll get around 200-220 visitors or potential leads just from this ‘one’ keyword.

For local services, like plumbing, roofing- Google Map Snack Pack wins a lot of clicks as it holds the top portion of the SERP. Searchers who already know your service or have little time are more likely to make a phone call to your number from the snack pack.

This is why we need to make sure you have a nice and stable position in both these places, organic results and snack packs. Because the more real estate you acquire in the SERP, the more leads you get!


Bonus: Social Media Setup

Although we aren’t an SMM company, we use different social media platforms suitable for our clients to boost our campaigns. A right social media approach can get your business some additional clients without even spending money on ads.

Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the platforms we like. Social Media engagement doesn’t correlate with the ranking directly, but when we have more shares of our content in those platforms, search engines tend to like us more! 

Content Marketing

We understand the importance of content marketing for small businesses. We design contents in different forms like graphics, blogs, articles, infographics, videos, tweets, PDFs, GIFs and any other format that suits our campaigns. 

People don’t consume Ads, They are forced to see them. 

“70% of your audience would rather learn about your company or services through an article over any kind of advertisement.” – Neil Patel

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Local SEO?

    This is a branch of inbound marketing that specializes in optimizing your webpage and Google My Business listing to be visible on local search queries!

  • How to get more leads from this?

    Believe it or not! Your target consumers are searching for your business online. At least 76% of Americans search for local product or services online. 50% of them end up visiting the store the same day.

  • What is Citation? and NAPW??

    Citation means listing your business in various trustworthy directories.

    NAPW- Name, Address, Phone number, Website. 

  • Does local seo for small business actually work?

    Ask your customers how they found you or how they find other local stores/services in their area.

  • What is White Hat or Black Hat method?

    White Hat: Strategy that matches with Google's guidelines.

    Black Hat: Shady tricks that goes against the guidelines and rules, and can get you penalized any time.

  • I don't have a website how can i start?

    We'll start by creating or claiming your GMB listing and building up a nice and optimized webpage of ranking on the organic search results.

  • How long does it take to rank on top?

    In depends on your site authority, technical aspects, targeted keywords and industry. 

    Get a free audit to get a clear idea on this.

  • How it's different from National or Global SEO?

    It's the same, but MORE. You have to optimize your GMB listing, manage your reputation, brand online and yet, rank with the website organically.

  • Do I need paid ads?

    If you need some quick results, like selling tickets before a deadline or promoting an event or launching your product for the first time, paid ads are the way to go!

  • What is Schema Markup?

    Schema markup is a set of codes we put to our webpages to help search engines understand more specifically. For a Roofing website, we use schema codes to be more explicit that 'roofing' isn't just a word we're using; it is the service that we provide.